What Is Occupational Health?

Occupational Health is the relationship between health and work. It assesses the impact of the workplace (potential health risk) on the well-being of the employee and the impact illnesses or disability can have on an employee's ability to work.

Occupational Health aims to support those employees who have temporary or long-term health issues, and can identify work and non-work factors likely to affect an employee.

Occupational Health actively promotes and maintains good health within the workplace. It offers guidance on adaptation and restrictions necessary for an individual with a health problem in the workplace, and plays a vital role in ensuring businesses are clear on their legal responsibilities.

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Why Your Business Needs Dedicated Occupational Health Advice

Occupational health can play a vital role in helping you care for and understand the needs of your employees, enabling you to reduce sickness absence levels and optimise staff performance and productivity. Put very simply the appropriate management of occupational health issues can lead to savings many times greater than the modest investment needed to achieve this.

Health Business Ltd offers a range of occupational health solutions that can help you.

We Provide:

  • Reduce the personal and business costs of sickness absence, lost production and personal injury or illness
  • Ensure your employees are fit to do the job they are employed for
  • Detect adverse health effects and prevent work-related illness
  • Deal with workplace "issues" for example stress, chemical exposure or clusters of reported illness
  • Understand and comply with current legislation and legal developments affecting company health and safety policies and the Equality Act
  • Enhance your company's image as progressive and a caring employer - motivate and support your employees, boost morale and create a positive attitude
  • Reduce risk and the cost of litigation - bad claims records raise insurance premiums
  • Reduce staff turnover - a healthy workplace is key for building job satisfaction, motivating employees and retaining staff
  • Optimise performance and increase profitability
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Why Choose Health Business Ltd?

Whether you have a need for Occupation Health services for a single employee, a group or your entire workforce we can help.

We Provide:

  • A friendly, approachable team of medical professionals who understand the challenges and issues you face
  • An efficient, competitively-priced solution that can often lead to savings many times greater than the modest investment required
  • A tailored, bespoke service. Partnership is key - we will work with you to provide a service that's right for your business
  • Strong support and guidance - we specialise in setting up Occupational Health schemes for organisations that have never had such a service
  • Robust dialogue every step of the way - we are willing to openly and honestly appraise your current Occupational Health provision and identify future need
  • Flexible Occupational Health solutions - we can work with you on a regular or ad-hoc basis

Types of Occupational Health Services Available

We offer a wide range of medical assessments tailored to your business needs from a basic medical to a full executive type health screen. We can match our medical examinations to satisfy Medical Insurers for high-level employees (in the case of senior managers, for example). Our expert medical services include:

  • Medical/Health Questionnaires - providing initial pre-employment screening, giving useful indications of potential areas for concern
  • Assessing whether an individual is suitable for a proposed job role taking into account factors including fitness for manual handling; ability to cope with pressure (stress); baseline health checks to identify responsibilities required to comply with the Equality Act; and any health issues that may require adaptations/restrictions in the workplace

For more details of what is involved in a New Starter Work Health Assessment please contact us.

This is a process where we work with employer, employee and their GP/specialist to facilitate an employee returning to productive work at the earliest date, following an accident or period of illness. Working in collaboration with you, we will:

  • Undertake a full medical assessments on an employee returning to work after a significant illness or accident
  • Provide a structured rehabilitation programme (where necessary) that allows a graduated return to work, all the time ensuring it is medically safe and appropriate for that individual
  • Provide a thorough review of employees after accidents at work
  • Propose cost benefits of referring an employee for private medical opinion/treatment for example work related skin problems and muscular skeletal conditions - such as physiotherapy
  • Assess individual employees with long-term sickness absence regarding ill health/retirement
  • Provide expert medical assessment on employees in relation to specific pension fund requirement (Dr Andrews has experience working with a number of pension trusts)

Should you have any concerns around the sickness absence in your business please do not hesitate to contact one of our team for a no cost, completely confidential discussion.

There are many reasons why you might need an independent medical assessment for an employee - unwanted absence, poor attendance, under-performance, suspected substance abuse and more. Working with your human resource and line manager we can provide:

  • Swift and efficient diagnosis of an employee's medical and emotional well-being
  • Clear and unambiguous prognosis of an employee's medical and emotional well-being
  • Vital guidance on how to manage specific health issues
  • Triangular and Square Meetings to quickly and effectively resolve employee health problems.

Your workforce is your greatest asset. Stress is a significant problem affecting commerce and industry today particularly in the present economic climate.

It is better to be pro-active within this area to avoid under performance, lengthy sickness absence and the potential for litigation. Working in partnership with you, we can:

  • Recommend rapid assessment of an individual with sickness felt likely to be attributable to stress
  • Work with the employee, their GP/Specialist and employer/management (whilst still at work) in order diagnose and address potential issues
  • Recommend adjustments to the employee's working pattern to respond to the areas of concern
  • Dr Andrews has a particular interest in this area of occupational medicine.

Employee well-being can improve staff health and motivation, and should play a vital role in a company's healthcare strategy. Our range of employee health checks, carried out by our friendly, experienced medical team offer:

  • Tailored, flexible screens - one-off, periodic or regular
  • Valuable information to senior management on health risks
  • Important early indicators and/or reassurance for employees
  • Personal health education and lifestyle advice
  • Annual health checks.
Click here for more information on our range of Health Screen checks or call for details.
  • Spirometry (Lung Function Testing)Many industries use dangerous substances in their procedures. These can lead to obstructive and/or restrictive lung diseases, which can lead to occupational asthma, itself a reportable disease under RIDDOR. Spirometry or Lung Function Testing ensures compliance with requirements under COSHH. Industries with workers most at risk include those dealing with paint, flour, glue, resins, wood, pharmaceuticals, dyes, fluxes and detergents. Spirometry testing can detect early signs of lung impairment before a severe problem develops. It can detect deterioration at an earlier stage than X-Rays, so is an ideal monitor and method of prevention. The test is simple and non-invasive. The patient blows into a spirometer (consisting of a mouthpiece and disposable tubing connected to a machine). The computerised test measures peak flow, lung volume and airway resistance to identify the possible presence of either restrictive and/or obstructive patterns. The figures are adjusted for age, sex and height of the individual. Results are produced for each employee, providing a summary of results. We will refer for further testing if required.
  • Skin SurveillanceOccupational skin disease is important and a common health problem. Repeated skin irritation or skin sensitisation can lead to dermatitis. Employers have a duty of care to reduce workers' exposure to the substances responsible. If left untreated, dermatitis can become irreversible. If your employees are exposed to substances including epoxy resins, latex, rubber chemicals, soaps and cleaners, metalworking fluids, cement, wet work, enzymes and wood they are at risk and require regular surveillance. Skin surveillance is quick and non-invasive. One of our highly experienced medical team will examine the employee's hands looking for skin damage and early indicators of skin irritation or sensitisation.
  • Screening Audiometry (Baseline Hearing Test)Audiometry has become more critical recently with the update to the noise regulations which require anyone exposed to noise levels of 85dB(A) or more to be provided with screening audiometry as part of a programme of regular 'health surveillance'. The audiometry medical requires the individual wearing a set of headphones through which a series of sounds are played at differing pitches and volumes. They indicate whether they can hear the sound or not allowing the Occupational Health practitioner to identify any loss in hearing.
  • Food HandlersUnder the Food Hygiene Regulations medical certification may be required declaring an individual as Fit for Food Handler work. For this test, the employee will complete a two page health questionnaire. Further medical consultation may be required on review of the questionnaire.
  • COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Compliant MedicalsWhen a risk assessment has identified a need for health surveillance in relation to the COSHH Regulations, this can be provided to suit the needs of your company.
  • Drug and alcohol testing and adviceFor employers concerned with about the effects of drugs and alcohol on their business, our standard screening involves collecting urine and analysing the results.
  • Night Worker MedicalsUnder The Working Time Regulations 1998, employees working at least 7 hours and at least 3hours between midnight and 5am are required to complete a health questionnaire for initial assessment and further medical consultation if indicated. This questionnaire must be completed by an employee before starting night-work and annually thereafter.
  • HAVS Medical Assessments 1 - 4Hand Arm Vibration can be a health risk wherever powered hand tools are used for significant lengths of time. Health & Safety Executive Good Practice Controls can help to eliminate or reduce these risks, and a vital element of an employer's duty is to provide health surveillance to those employees who are identified as being at risk. At Health Business we can provide HAVs health surveillance and screening (levels 1-4) for those employees exposed to vibration.
  • Tier 1: An initial assessment before the employee starts work with vibrating tools.
  • Tier 2: An annual assessment.
  • Tier 3: A comprehensive and detailed questionnaire and range of clinical tests for those displaying the appropriate symptoms and history, carried out by our HAVs qualified Occupational Health Doctor.
  • Tier 4: Formal diagnosis made by our HAVs qualified Occupational Health Doctor, reported by the employer under RIDDOR 1995.

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We can offer on-site, nurse-led, health education and health promotion tailored to your employee needs. For more information, or to discuss any specific requirement, call us on 01254 825600 or use our contact form.

Under The Working Time Regulations 1998, employees working at least 7 hours and at least 3hours between midnight and 5am are required to complete a health questionnaire for initial assessment and further medical consultation if indicated. This questionnaire must be completed by an employee before starting night-work and annually thereafter.

This includes PCV, HGV, forklift and taxi medicals. Please visit our dedicated Driver Medicals website.

We can undertake general and specific workplace site visits by prior arrangement with your business. For more details please ring and talk to one of our team.

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